Perfectly normal, just trying to get fit and healthy.

Title pretty much sums it up. Not feeling myself today, my thoughts are foggy and unfocused.

I'd like to chat to others on their own weight loss journey, particularly if you're trying to do this with a current or previous Hx of ED. I've been in control of it for years, but after unprecedented weight gain and wankers commenting on my size, I don't want to resist anymore.

I'm ready to say hello to my little friend ;)

Breakfast: 1 Orange (+50 calories)
Lunch: Beef Thai Curry (+1250 calories)
Snack: 1 Orange (+50 calories)
Dinner: Cheese & Chicken Sandwich (+460 calories)

Walk: 1hr 45mins (-440 calories)
Tidying (because my room was a mess, as you may have noticed) (-80 calories)

Total: +1290 calories

Below: The havoc I have wreaked upon my body.

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1 день: белки. Рекомендуются к употреблению только рыбные продукты. Выбирайте нежирные сорта рыбы. Можно приготовить уху с солью и зеленью;
2 день: углеводы. Вы едите только овощи – сырые, вареные, запеченные, на гриле, тушеные. Готовьте фреши из овощей. Можно использовать соль, зелень и неострые приправы;
3 день: белки. Куриный день. Лучше отдать предпочтение куриной грудке без кожи, бульону;
4 день: углеводы. Весь день вы употребляете в пищу каши, желательно – цельнозерновые, а также пророщенные семена, хлебцы, клетчатку, семечки в ограниченном количестве. Допустимы соль, зелень и квас;
5 день: белки. Ешьте творог – обезжиренный или с низким процентом жирности;
6 день: углеводы. Вы едите только фрукты. При желании используйте корицу, ваниль и цедру лимона;
7 день: выход из диеты. Его также можно используют для разгрузки и лечебного голодания.
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My name is Audrey and I'm currently trying to lose weight.  I started in June of 2014.  It's been a hard road.  I have always had a hard time with depression and food, the two kind of go hand in hand for me.

I had a bad childhood.  I made poor choices, and I took comfort in food.

Over the last 10 months I have tried to be accountable.  I started utilizing MyFitnessPal and although I still have my bad days, I've done pretty good.  I also joined a gym (which was so hard at first).  I'm making progress.  It's not an easy task, and I still find myself struggling some days.

I started at 378 pounds!  It's such a sad number.

As of this morning, I weigh 281.8 pounds.  That's still a sad number in my book, but it's progress.

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been ages

yes it has been ages since I was online here...
I have lost about about 238 lbs
Yeah I know it's not really great :(
my current weight is still too high
still I am slowly getting somewhere...

Bones are the most beautiful thing....
Wish I was more like the rest of you here
you are all so gorgeous and beautiful :D

Someday I may be beautiful too Someday
flowers, skull

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Hi everyone~Active community alert! (well, will be once YOU join!)

I noticed this community was dead so I thought it would be alright to tell you about my community I am trying to get active again- big_eds I opened big eds in 2009 as a community for bigger girls, however I have recently opened the doors to ALL eating disordered/disordered eating sufferers. We do have open membership with members only posts to protect our members from the outside. We have very few rules besides being kind, so posting is very free and fun!
Please come join me over at big_eds...because eating disorders are big problems.



Hi all, not sure if this comm is still active, I'm new to this comm but not new to lj. I had been away from lj for about 4 years from recovery after falling pregnant with my second child and I ballooned back out to being obese, and now 2 years after giving birth I just can't take it anymore. I have felt those triggers come back, and the self hatred is at an all time high. I can't stand the sight in the mirror soo much and seeing all the rolls that are bigger than car tyres. I want my control back I need my control back. I need to get to a place I never got to reach before. 

New Hopes

I've been going crazy the past few months... I was losing weight pretty good while I lived alone, because I could hide the fact that I'm not eating, but doctors put me on risperidone and paroxetine after my suicide attempt. Since that I have gained 22 pounds and I can't stop the weight gain even though I work out 6 days per week for at least an hour... Also, I'm pretty much under a magnifying glass - my parents and family are now horribly controlling. I tried purging, but I was quickly caught... I said I ate an apple without washing it first (I still can't believe I got out with this excuse)... I keep whining to my doctors and my parents about my weight, and my mom finally gave in - I will be allowed to use a nutritional/weight-loss milkshake that helped my mom lose weight some time ago. I still try to think of ways to avoid food, but it's really, really hard. I don't want to make excuses, but my meds give me horrible cravings. I count every calorie, but the weight is still fluctuating. I am terrified of gaining any more, seriously... Although I think things will improve now that I gained the trust of my family, and they think I am not having any thoughts about restricting or anything... I feel like I should use this chance to get my body back. I missed it... Moreover, I will have some pretty big concerts this year, and I want to look fantastic on stage!

Wish me luck!
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Stupid Money Problems

I was gone for a while because my mother didn't pay her internet bill -.- which of course meant all my course work fell behind and I was unable to come online. First world problems eh? I mean I'm grateful for having a house and such things but at the same time we online people live in a world were internet is also vital ... I mean for me anyway. I have no real friends to hangout with (in the sense they only contact me when all else fails) and I have college and my little boy to think of so really I don't have time for other people, so having no internet to turn back on is almost hell.

As you can probably tell I have not been having that all of a good time. Update on birthday? two of the the 5 people that even showed up for my birthday (one being my sister as my other sister had a 25th birthday to attend on the same night as my 21st which is a big deal) they point blank got up and left without even telling me and then when confronted on it they had the lamest excuses I have ever heard of.

On top of that I am on a waiting list for temporary accommodation because I am technically homeless and I have been for six months now. My and my fiancé had made plans to move in together and I went through all the procedures necessary for that and now he's informed me (After making all these plans with me, i don't want anyone to get the wrong end of the stick here) that he's leaving in september to go to Leed's music University (Which again would have been fine if he hadn't of made all these plans with me first). I' getting sick of everyone and everything. I have lost no weight ! only gained! a hell of a lot and that is making just not see the point anymore. I can't cope and basically what everyone needs , as a sign of reaching out for help, is for me to open a vein in front of them (Which my mother would probably complain about the blood I would be getting on her floor). I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!

Then tonight my "fiancé", as loving and caring as he is and had made plans with me yesterday to eat dinner with me and get me my dinner, went with three girls he doesn't know (two of which I can't stand as one made the point of saying "Your pregnant at 16 what has that baby got to look forward to?" )and getting dinner with them leaving him waking into my mums house at 8:00'0'clock. TOO LATE TO EAT! and he knows this!?!?!?!? now he can't understand why I'm beyond angry with him !

And I got my period.

I hope all you lovely ladies are having a great day ! Sorry for the long rant I needed to get that out there. my other groups with more than likely get a similar (if not the same as I can't be bothered to even type I'm that low) post.

Stay Strong
A x
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I'm new...

Hi there beautiful people I'm new to the community. I hope you don't mind me joining. I'm just looking for some people to be friends with and also to help me get rid of my stubborn recovery weight and then some. I don't know what I'm meant to say in my first entry, the only other blog that I have and have kept is my Tumblr and I seem to think that I may have ruined that first post as well lol.

My names Annabella and I'm 21 years old and I hope I get to know some of you and we can be friends :)

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Perfectly Flawed Tattoo<3

It's a Good Day

I feel good, I've been happier the past few days and loving it. I haven't eaten since Thursday night. The only issue I'm having is heartburn. I'm only down to 115 lbs because I haven't been able to move around as much and as quickly as I usually do because of my knee. But it's on the mend, so hopefully soon :) here's a picture, cut for bra &panties.

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From yesterday, still a lot of toning to do but I'm getting there!! Considering I'm down to this weight from 140??? I'll fucking take it!

Have a great one, ladies!!