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Fri, Apr. 3rd, 2015, 03:56 pm


My name is Audrey and I'm currently trying to lose weight.  I started in June of 2014.  It's been a hard road.  I have always had a hard time with depression and food, the two kind of go hand in hand for me.

I had a bad childhood.  I made poor choices, and I took comfort in food.

Over the last 10 months I have tried to be accountable.  I started utilizing MyFitnessPal and although I still have my bad days, I've done pretty good.  I also joined a gym (which was so hard at first).  I'm making progress.  It's not an easy task, and I still find myself struggling some days.

I started at 378 pounds!  It's such a sad number.

As of this morning, I weigh 281.8 pounds.  That's still a sad number in my book, but it's progress.

June 2014   &   March 2015


Fri, Apr. 3rd, 2015 08:54 pm (UTC)

That is amazing progress!! Congratulations! I can't even imagine how hard you had to work and how dedicated you have been to get there. :) Best of luck in your journey, I hope it is safe and healthy.

Sat, Apr. 4th, 2015 09:53 am (UTC)

Thank you so much!

Tue, Apr. 7th, 2015 09:39 am (UTC)

That is phenomenal work!! Super well done - I echo byronicromance in that no one can imagine how hard you have worked to achieve this.

:-) xx

Wed, Apr. 8th, 2015 08:42 pm (UTC)

Thank you!

Tue, May. 12th, 2015 07:51 pm (UTC)

damn good job. keep it up!

Fri, Jul. 10th, 2015 09:42 pm (UTC)

Thank you!